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Welcome to E-Book Erotica

E-book EroticaWelcome to E-Book Erotica, a true home for independent thinkers, erotic authors, and avid adult book enthusiasts online. As many may have already noticed, the so-called ‘mainstream’ book sellers are unable or unwilling to provide meaningful support for adult authors and their fans.

Recently Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and WH Smith all decided to go with a radical response to an article published by The Kernel which shined light on the dirty little secret that they were each profiting off XXX rated fiction sales.

The result was that many titles were immediately removed from their offerings, some for violating standards of ‘decency’ and others apparently because these large corporate monoliths simply found it to be too much effort to actually read through their own collections, sorting the handful of ‘offenders’ out from the rest of their adult erotica archives. Even romance novels best described as Porn for Women were summarily removed without any appeal process in place or care given to the authors and their audience. is an independent digital book store online without any ties to giant Fortune 500 companies, shareholders, right wing censorship groups or religious organizations. We fully support the rights of those entities to live their lives the way they wish to live them, but we also refuse to allow any of them to dictate what we free people are allowed to think about, write, or read in the privacy of our own fantasy sessions.

For too long the world has stayed silent while a tiny, albeit boisterous, handful of zealots attempt to win a culture war that most people have no interest in fighting with them. People have been jailed for fictionally portraying distasteful sex, or even for writing about sex in books that do not contain a single photo or illustration. We have reached the point as a society where some think it’s a good idea to jail people for writing alphabetic characters on a page because it poses some kind of imagined risk that the reader might mistake constructs of fiction for marching orders.

Please do what you can to support Free Speech via important associations like the Adult Literature Guild, not only from Government tyranny, but even more importantly – from the private corporate interests and lobbying groups that now pose the greatest threat. We will continue to find new courageous authors,  and provide the best erotic literature available in the most convenient e-book formats – and with your support we will carve out our own play area; free of the continued friction that is unnecessarily being foisted upon free thinkers by backward mouth-breathers who are unaware a person can think about something internally for enjoyment without ever feeling the need to put those concepts into any form of external action.

Yours Truly,
Clarissa Tongue,
Publisher –